Geek Trivia

Which Game Console Has the Most Titles?

Xbox 360
Playstation 2
Nintendo Entertainment System
Which Game Company Buried Over 5 Million Games In The Desert?

Answer: Playstation 2

When it comes to the largest selection of console titles, there isn’t a console, old or new, that can hold a candle to the immense collection of Playstation 2 titles available.

The Playstation 2 was originally released in March of 2000 and officially discontinued in January of 2013.  In the nearly 13 years of active production over 2,000 titles were released for the console.  This volume places the title list for the Playstation 2 well beyond any other console and miles beyond other sixth generation consoles such as the Gamecube (646 titles), the Xbox (986 titles), and the Dreamcast (720 titles).