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Which Game Company Gave Away Sport Gloves As Part Of A Legal Settlement?

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Answer: Nintendo

One of the more popular games on Nintendo’s N64 platform was Mario Party, a mini-game packed release that included many games which relied on rapid and sustained movements to win. Kids loved the game so much and played it so hard, in fact, that many of them were blistering, cutting, and otherwise injuring their hands rapidly moving the N64 controller’s analog joy sticks with the palm of their hands instead of their thumbs.

As part of a settlement reached with the New York Attorney General’s office, Nintendo agreed to ship four pairs of protective sport-style gloves to any game purchaser who requested them. Although the offer had the potential to cost Nintendo up to 80 million dollars if every Mario Party owner took them up on it, ultimately very few gamers (or their parents) actually put in a request for the gloves.