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Which Fruit Contains The Most Fat Per Unit Of Fruit?

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Answer: Avocados

Fat in fruits is unusual and very few fruits contain more than even a gram per individual fruit (let alone per recommended serving size). In the arena of fatty fruits, the avocado stands so far above other fruits in terms of fat-per-fruit that it really should stand in a class all its own.

A cup of avocado meat (roughly the amount you get from a single large avocado) yields roughly 22-23 grams of mostly heart-healthy monounsaturated fat. The closest competitor to the avocado is the olive, but a full cup of olives only yields around 15.3 grams of fat.

While that’s a fun bit of culinary trivia and a great way to help get some monounsaturated fat in your diet, here’s a bonus bit of trivia that takes things outside of the kitchen. Avocado trees have a particular ability that keeps the fruit from ripening on the tree (similar to banana trees) and as long as the climate is agreeable, farmers can leave the avocados on the tree for months at a time, using the trees themselves as a sort of storage facility to keep the crop rotating and perpetually in season.

Image courtesy of B.navez.