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Which Famous Scientist’s Family Has Won The Most Nobel Prizes?

Marie Curie
Alfred Nobel
Jonas Salk
Albert Einstein
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Answer: Marie Curie

If amassing Nobel Prizes was a contest in and of itself, the Curie family would be world-class champions at it. The most famous scientist in the family is the matriarch Marie Curie herself, best known for her work with radioactivity and as the first woman to win a Nobel Prize in Physics (her first Nobel Prize was shared with her husband). In addition to winning the 1903 Nobel Prize in Physics, she also won the 1911 Nobel Prize for Chemistry.

Further, her oldest daughter Irene and her husband Frédéric Joliot-Curie won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1935. Her youngest daughter Eve’s husband, Henry Labouisse, accepted a Nobel Prize on behalf of UNICEF in 1965. The total accepted Nobel Prizes attributed to Curie and her extended family then, rests currently at five; quite the respectable showing for a family of prolific scientists.

Image courtesy of the Nobel Foundation.