Geek Trivia

Which Electronics Company Originally Sold Noodles?

Texas Instruments
Which Of These Foodstuffs Used To Include A DIY Dye Pack To Make It More Appetizing?

Answer: Samsung

Although they are now known as a global electronics firm that manufactures and distributes millions of television sets, computer monitors, mobile phones and other electronic gear, Samsung was founded in a more analog age to sell a much more analog product: noodles.

The original Samsung Trading Company (Samsung Sanghoe), founded in the 1930s, specialized in the distribution of groceries and specialty noodles. Over the years, the company branched out into all manner of enterprises including insurance, securities trading, tires, and even retail.  It wasn’t until the 1960s that they began venturing into electronics and, having found their niche, began to focus exclusively on the development of electronic devices. The first electronics-based Samsung product was a black and white television.