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Which Early Computer Had The Signatures Of Its Design Team Engraved On Its Case?

The IBM 5150
The Altair 8800
The Atari 400
The Apple Macintosh
The Only Film Where Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny Appear Onscreen Together Is?

Answer: The Apple Macintosh

Early editions of Apple’s successful Macintosh line of computers had a subtle surprise tucked away inside the case: the signatures of all the designers who had worked on them.

How did the signatures get there? Steve Jobs believed that their work was a type of artistry and that all good artists signed their work. In February of 1982 he assembled the design team for a “signing party”. It was here Jobs had everyone sign a large sheet of drafting paper and that sheet was sent off the the company responsible for molding the Macintosh cases.

The tradition was continued for several years and all early Macintosh models, from the 128k to the SE, bore the names of the design team responsible for creating them. Over time the design team grew, it became more difficult to fit the signatures in the constantly changing cases, and the tradition fell by the wayside.