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Which Creature Can Hold Its Breath The Longest?

Fin Whales
Weddell Seals
Sperm Whales
The Eiffel Tower Was Saved From Demolition By What?

Answer: Sperm Whales

If you’re looking to get an edge in the breath-holding Olympics, it helps to be an enormous sea-going mammal. The sperm whale, one of the largest mammals in the world, is an absolute champion when it comes to diving.

Although sperm whales typically only dive around a quarter mile beneath the surface of the ocean (and hold their breath for around 35 minutes in doing so), that’s not the full extent of their capabilities. When engaged in an extremely deep dive, they can reach depths of nearly two miles. To do so, they hold their breath for a staggering 90 minutes, around the length of your average children’s movie.

Image by Strange Ones.