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Which Country Is The Only One To Have A Democratically Elected Monarch?

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Answer: Andorra

Andorra is a tiny landlocked nation located in the Pyrenees mountains, entirely surrounded by the countries of Spain and France. Despite being a little over a tenth the size of the smallest U.S. state, the micro nation has a long and rich history dating back to the formation of the country in 1278.

Among all that history is one curious and rather unique tradition: Andorra has a monarchy, but it’s ruled by co-princes, and one of those princes is elected. Specifically, thanks to centuries old treaties and political dealings, it’s a co-principality wherein one prince is the sitting Bishop of Urgell and the other prince is the President of France. What makes the arrangement even more curious is that not only does Andorra have an elected prince, the prince isn’t even elected by the people of Andorra, but by French citizens.