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Which Country Has The Most Authors Per Capita?

The United States
Crepuscular Animals Are Most Active During?

Answer: Iceland

To say that the Icelandic people love literature would be something of a vast understatement. In addition to a long literary history that stretches back centuries and is rich with long sagas, Iceland still maintains a prolific rate of both book publication and consumption to this day.

Literary traditions run deep in the European country. One of the most common Christmas gifts is a book and in any given year, nine out of ten Icelanders report reading at least one book purely for pleasure.

While it’s one thing to love reading books, Iceland is unique in another regard–production. Iceland has more authors per capita than any other country on Earth by a wide margin. How wide? One out of every ten Icelanders will publish a book in their lifetime and it isn’t uncommon to find out that your accountant has published a book of poetry, your cab driver is a biographer, and the person at the bookstore recommending a book to you is, in turn, an author of several of their own books.