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Which Country Has The Largest Number Of Lakes?

The United States
Modern Domestic Apples Originated In Which Country?
Satellite view of the numerous lakes in Canada.
Google Earth

Answer: Canada

Some regions have lots of lakes (the U.S. states of Minnesota and Michigan, for example, are packed with lakes) and some regions have lots of space, but then there are regions of the world that are both expansive and packed with lakes.

Canada is the second-largest country in the world (second only to Russia in total area) and it has a staggering number of lakes. Thanks to a geological history that involves intense glacial activity in the region that scooped out lakes by the hundreds of thousands, Canada can lay claim to an estimated two million lakes.

Over 31,000 of those lakes have a surface area of over one square mile (three square kilometers), over 500 have a surface area of over thirty-eight square miles (100 square kilometers), and all told, almost nine percent of the entire country is covered in freshwater.