Geek Trivia

Which Country Has The Fastest Average Internet Connection Speed?

South Korea
The Netherlands
Which State, Amongst The Contiguous United States, Has Its Own Power Grid?

Answer: South Korea

If you’re looking for the land of fast internet, turn your eyes towards South Korea. The average internet speed in South Korea in 2012 was 15.7 Mpbs, over 200% higher than the average of 6.7 Mpbs enjoyed in the United States. Further, 94% of South Koreans have broadband, compared to 70% of U.S. citizens.

So what factors contribute to South Korea’s chart-topping internet speeds? While it’s difficult to compare the entire infrastructure and culture of one nation to another, there are several key components in South Korea’s broadband success. Their ISP market is highly competitive which helps drive down prices, the government heavily subsidizes broadband and computer access for lower income families, and telecommunication regulations in South Korea encourage sharing of infrastructure instead of monopolization by the deploying company.