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Which Continent Has The Largest Number Of French Speakers?

North America
The Term "Cliffhanger", To Refer To A Suspenseful But Unresolved Ending Originated With?

Answer: Africa

As common sense as it would seem to say that Europe, the home continent of the country France, has the most French speakers, it isn’t actually the case. Although there are plenty of French speakers in France (65 million) as well as many French speakers scattered throughout Europe, Europe simply has nothing on Africa when it comes to the sheer number of speakers.

Thanks to a heavy colonial presence in Africa over the last few centuries, the French left behind many cultural artifacts including their language. French is spoken by an estimated 120 million Africans living in francophone countries (estimates for the number of French speakers outside of the francophone countries are unavailable, but it is safe to assume that there are many speakers outside of these areas).