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Which Computer Engineer Is Best Known For Giving The Mother Of All Demos?

Douglas Engelbart
Time Berners-Lee
Bill Gates
Steve Jobs
The First All Digital Film Featuring Performance Captured Actors Was?

Answer: Douglas Engelbart

Computer engineer, inventor, and technology luminary Douglas Engelbart is best remembered for his work in early computing interfaces and networking technology and there is no better moment in time to encapsulate that work than the demonstration he gave on On December 9, 1968–a demonstration that would come to be known as “The Mother of All Demos”. The demonstration was a showcase of the work he and his team were doing at the Augmentation Research Lab in SRI International and was packed with then-experimental technologies and software that we now take for granted.

In one single demonstration Engelbart showcased the computer mouse, hypertext linking, word processing, dynamic file linking, bootstrapping, collaborative real-time document editing, and video conferencing, all linked together via the oN Line System (NLS). The group of a thousand computer scientists and journalists in attendance were stunned by the demonstration–justifiably so as they had never seen anything like it and the individual elements of the system like video conferencing and distributed collaboration wouldn’t be widely accessible and adopted for decades to come.