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Which Company Had A Training Game Built By SimCity Creators?

The First U.S. National Monument Was?

Answer: Chevron

In what had the potential to be the most boring game this side of Desert Bus, Chevron commissioned Will Wright and the Maxis Corporation to make them a custom version of SimCity.

This one-off custom game, titled SimRefinery, was a management simulation game that simulated the operation of Chevron refinery and distribution. The game was created to help introduce new employees and staff not in direct contact with ground-level refinery operations to how the refineries and their distribution networks operated.

If you’re dying to take a crack at managing an oil refinery, you’ll have to do some serious digging. The game was created in 1993 and never seen outside of the Chevron Corporation–finding a copy on a dust caked floppy disk somewhere is about the only way you can feel the thrill of moving gasoline through highly pixelated pipes.