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Which Cologne Do Scientists Use To Attract Wild Cats?

Le Male
Jovan Musk
Sex Panther
The SEGA Saturn Featured Fewer Game Titles Because Of What?

Answer: Obsession

If you’re looking to attract members of the opposite sex, despite the best research into cologne manufacture and pheromones, there isn’t much help scientists can offer you. If you’re looking to attract an entire pack of wild cats, however, you’re in luck–wild cats love Calvin Klein’s Obsession cologne.

Conservationists experimenting with different scent patterns to draw elusive wild cats into tracking zones (where they would be photographed by remote cameras and cataloged) stumbled upon the feline love of Obsession entirely by accident. Moreso than any other perfume or cologne they tried, the scent proved irresistible to a wide range of cats including jaguars, cheetahs, tigers, and more.

If you’re planning on setting up your own tiger tracking station, make sure to buy Obsession for Men–the scientists report the big cats are indifferent to Obsession for Women.