Geek Trivia

Which City Was The First To Have A Municipal Wi-Fi System?

London, United Kingdom
Mysore, India
Jerusalem, Israel
Sunnyvale, California
Switzerland Has A Political Party Dedicated To The Elimination Of What?

Answer: Jerusalem, Israel

In the early 2000s major cities around the world were dropping press releases filled with their plans to build free and far-reaching municipal Wi-Fi networks to serve all their citizens. Jerusalem beat everyone to the punch in 2004 with the launch of the world’s first city-wide Wi-Fi network.

Trailing Jerusalem by just a few months, Mysore became India’s first Wi-Fi enabled city and shortly after that Sunnyvale, California became the first Wi-Fi enabled city in the United States. Since then dozens of cities around the world have set up municipal Wi-Fi systems including: Singapore, Luxembourg, Paris, Venice, Toronto, Denver, Houston, and Philadelphia.