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Which City Has The Largest Taxi Cab Fleet In The World?

New York City
Mexico City
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Answer: Mexico City

When you think of taxi cabs, perhaps you think of the iconic yellow cabs that pepper the streets of New York City or the black cabs that traverse the streets of London. It would be easy to think such bustling cities boasted the largest taxi cab fleets around but, despite the prominence of their cab fleets, they can’t hold a candle to Mexico City.

In Mexico City, a massive metropolis with a population of nearly 9 million people, there are over 100,000 taxi cabs, which gives the city boasting rights for both the largest fleet around and quite possibly the highest density. New York City, by comparison, has around 8.5 million citizens, but only about 14,000 taxi cabs.

For most of the late 20th century, Mexico City cabs were almost universally green VW Beetles. Legislation pushed forward in the early 2000s, focused on safety and fuel efficiency, led to a rapid turnover of the city’s taxi cab fleet and the number of green VW Beetles roaming the city dropped from over 50,000 to around 3,000 by 2012.

Image by mohylek.