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Which British Knight Had A Sword Forged From A Meteorite?

Sir Terry Pratchett
Sir Ridley Scott
Sir Francis Drake
Sir Patrick Stewart
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Answer: Sir Terry Pratchett

In 2009, best-selling British author Terry Pratchett was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in recognition of his services to literature. In addition to accepting the title and accompanying medal from the Queen, Pratchett went one step further.

Reasoning that every knight required a sword, he set about acquiring one. Ever a creative soul, however, Pratchett wasn’t content to simply purchase a sword. With the help of some interested friends, he mined around 80 kilograms of iron ore and acquired some meteoric iron fragments from his friend and agent Colin Smythe.

After smelting the ore himself with the help of Jake Keen, an experimental iron-melter, the metal was turned over to master blacksmith Hector Cole, who produced a beautiful one-off sword with a meteorite heart: a perfect sword for a fantasy and sci-fi novelist turned knight.

Photo by Paul Kidby/Discworld News.