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Which British Knight Has A Sword Forged From A Meteorite?

Sir Ridley Scott
Sir Francis Drake
Sir Terry Pratchett
Sir Patrick Stewart
Before The Word Scientist Was Coined, Scientists Were Called What?

Answer: Terry Pratchett

In 2009, best-selling British author Terry Pratchett was knighted by Queen Elizabeth in recognition of his contribution to the genres of Sci-Fi and Fantasy literature. In addition to holding audience with the Queen and accepting the title and accompanying medal, Pratchett went one step further.

Reasoning that every knight required a sword, he set about acquiring one. Ever a creative soul, however, Pratchett wasn’t content to simply purchase a sword. He instead spent time mining iron ore and gathering metallic meteorite fragments together. After smelting the ore himself, he turned it over to his friend and smith Jake Keen who produced a beautiful one-off sword with a meteorite heart: a perfect sword for a Sci-Fi novelist turned Knight.

Photo by Terry Pratchett.