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Which Book Was Released In An Asbestos Lined Hardcover Edition?

Fahrenheit 451
Fire Eaters
The Fire Raiser
Early Versions Of What Thing Were Known As "Boneshakers"?
Signed copy of the asbestos cloth copy of Fahrenheit 451
Bauman Rare Books

Answer: Fahrenheit 451

You’d be hard pressed to find a book better suited to be bound in fire-proof asbestos than Fahrenheit 451—Ray Bradbury’s iconic dystopian novel focused on a future American society where books are outlawed and firemen hunt down and burn books rather than put out house fires.

Shortly after Fahrenheit 451 was published in 1953, a run of 200 numbered special edition books was produced. These books, bound in white with red cover text, included both a printed signature on the cover and an actual signature inside. More significantly, the books were bound in covers made of asbestos cloth, a fireproof mineral and a symbolic nod to the contents of the book itself.

If you think that’s clever, it would seem Fahrenheit 451 and clever designs go together. Super Terrain, a European publisher, released a copy of the book in 2018 that features jet black pages with writing that can only be revealed if you wave a hot flame over the page.