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Which Book Was Released In An Asbestos Lined Hardcover Edition?

Fahrenheit 451
The Fire Raiser
The Oldest Genetic Proof Of Malaria Was Found In A?

Answer: Fahrenheit 451

You’d be hard pressed to find a book better suited to be bound in fire-proof asbestos than Fahrenheit 451, Ray Bradbury’s iconic dystopian novel focused on a future American society where books are outlawed and firemen hunt down and burn books rather than put out house fires.

Shortly after the book was published in 1953, a run of 200 special editions was produced. These books, bound in white with red cover text, included both a printed signature on the cover and an actual signature inside. More significantly, the books were bound in covers of asbestos, a fireproof mineral and a symbolic nod to the contents of the book itself.

Image courtesy of Bauman Rare Books.