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Which Board Game Is Widely Regarded As Having Sparked The Modern Board Gaming Craze?

Puerto Rico
Settlers of Catan
Race for the Galaxy
Ticket to Ride
Which Viral Video Was So Popular YouTube Had To Change Their View Count Algorithm To Prevent An Integer Overflow?

Answer: Settlers of Catan

Board games have a long pedigree, stretching back centuries. Despite the long history of board game play, by the late 20th century board games had waned in popularity–especially in many Western countries like England and the United States.

The slow death of the board game came to a halt when Settlers of Catan burst out of the German market in 1995 and took the rest of the world by storm. For you see, the Germans had never dumped board games into the backs of their closets or relegated to them to the children–the German board game market was a healthy and respected one.

When Settlers of Catan took hold outside of Germany, the world saw what a board game could be (so much more than Monopoly or Candy Land), and the rest is history. Board games sales have climbed continuously since Settlers of Catan turned millions of people onto the genre, and now web sites like Board Game Geek catalog tens of thousands of games, provide support for the community, and otherwise serve the millions of tabletop gamers out there.