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Which Beverage Do Astronauts Avoid?

Black Tea
Orange Juice
The Voice Actor Behind Iconic Sesame Street Character Elmo Was Also The Voice Of?

Answer: Cola

NASA has gone to great lengths to recreate space-friendly versions of familiar foods for astronauts but there are certain delicacies enjoyed on earth that just don’t make the jump to micro-gravity very smoothly.

Among those best-enjoyed-at-home treats is cola. Carbonated cola in the from of Pepsi and Coca-Cola were first flown into space aboard shuttle mission STS-51-F in 1985, but astronauts excitement over having such a classic treat on the menu was short lived. On Earth, gravity separates the solids and liquids in our stomach from the gases. In micro-gravity there is no such mechanism at work to keep the food at the bottom of your stomach and allow the gas to rise to the top, and a good hard burp after slugging down a can of cola will send the contents of your stomach shooting across the module you are floating in.

Although NASA and other space agencies have experimented with various carbonation delivery systems and formulas, carbonated drinks remain unpopular among astronauts.