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Which Automotive Company’s Name Is Astronomical In Origin?

Which World Leader Kidnapped A Filmmaker To Remake Godzilla?

Answer: Subaru

Today’s trivia question is an extra tricky one as answering it correctly hinges on knowing a little bit about astronomical features, automotive logos and history, and even a little Japanese. Let’s start with the oldest element of today’s trivia, the stars themselves.

The largest star cluster visible to the human eye is the Pleiades star cluster comprised of several large stars and located within the Taurus constellation. Although the modern name is derived from Greek, the star cluster is featured prominently, thanks to its high visibility, in the lore and languages of cultures around the world. In Japan it is known as Subaru, or “unite,” and when Fuji Heavy Industries created a car brand in 1953 they named it Subaru to allude to all the companies that had merged in the past to form the greater company behind the new automotive line.

Although it has changed in style over the years, to this day, the Subaru logo features six stars in direct reference to the Pleiades star cluster and the origin of the company name.