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Which Animal Carries Its Favorite Tools With It?

Sea Otters
The Strongest Creature In The World, Per Times-Body-Weight Moved, Is The?

Answer: Sea Otters

Not only do sea otters use tools, but they have favorite tools and they carry them on their bodies to keep them handy. Sea otters use rocks to break open shellfish, clams, and other marine life. When an sea otter finds a rock that works well for the task, they’ll keep the rock with them for future meals by secreting it in the pouches of skin found behind their forearms. These pouches are used both to gather food from the ocean floor and bring it to the surface, and to store sea otters’ favorite rocks.

This isn’t the only endearingly anthropomorphic thing sea otters do. Sea otters sleep while floating on their backs and will hold hands with each other, like a long chain of children on a field trip, in order to avoid drifting apart while sleeping.

Image courtesy of Matt Knoth.