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Which Actor’s Portrayal Of A Physical Disability Actually Injured Him?

Patrick Stewart
Terry O'Quinn
Rip Torn
Hugh Laurie
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Answer: Hugh Laurie

One of the most readily identifiable traits of Dr. Gregory House, the protagonist of the hit show House, M.D. (his scathing wit aside, of course), is his limp. The good doctor walks with a cane and his struggle with the pain of the leg injury and his use of pain killers to manage it are a recurring theme in the show.

It turns out that walking with a fake limp as much as Hugh Laurie (the actor who portrayed House during the show’s 8 year run)┬ádid can actually create an injury in and of itself. By the fifth season of the show, Laurie was engaging in light physical therapy to counter act the strain he was putting on his hips and knees.

Image courtesy of Fox.