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Where Do Venomous Snakes Outnumber Non-venomous Snakes?

In Addition To Corn And Rice, The Most Important Carbohydrate Source For Tropical Nations Is?

Answer: Australia

If you’re wandering lost in many parts of the world–say the timber lands of Canada or the prairies of the United States–the chances that an unfortunate encounter with a snake could do you in are slim. In most areas of the world, the number of harmless snakes outnumber the number of venomous ones by the hundreds.

Everywhere, that is, except Australia. Australia is unique among all the continents of the world in that there are more venomous snake species than non-venomous ones. Not only is the continent host to dozens of venomous snakes, but among them are some of the most venomous around–including the Eastern Brown Snake and the Tiger Snake.