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Where Did The “Music” Astronauts Heard On The Dark Side Of The Moon Come From?

Lunar Radiation
Solar Flares
Pink Floyd Studio Sessions
Jupiter's Magnetosphere
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Answer: Jupiter’s Magnetosphere

The first astronauts to orbit around to the dark side of the moon expected radio silence, as the mass of the moon would block all contact with Earth. What they got instead was an endless melody, reminiscent of chime and tonal-based New Age music. For the entire time they were floating through space in the shadow of the moon the VHF-A channel of their communication radio was filled with the haunting music.

While it might have sounded like some sort of alien communication akin to a deep-frequency intergalactic whale call sent across the cosmos, the source of the sound was distinctly more intrasolar. When the space craft orbited behind the moon and lost radio contact with Earth the VHF-A communication channel was overtaken by Jupiter’s distant but incredibly powerful magnetosphere. With no other closer and more powerful signal to override Jupiter’s influence, the Astronauts were treated to the kind of haunting track a trip around the dark side of the moon deserves.