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When You’re Up To Shenanigans You’re Acting Like What?

A Monkey
Norse God Loki
A Fox
An Imp
The Hollywood Walk of Fame's Only Non-Star Tiles Are In Honor Of What Event?

Answer: A Fox

When your elders yelled at you to stop all those shenanigans–or mischief-making behavior–they were effectively telling you to stop acting like a wily fox.

The root of the word shenanigans is the Irish expression “sionnachuighim” which translates to “I play the fox”. It’s unsurprising that the Irish had an expression associating the fox with mischief making and trickery as the fox features prominently in dozens of cultures around the world as a world class mischief maker.

In Finnish tales the fox is a well meaning trickster; in both Japanese and Korean folklore, foxes are mischievousness and cunning spirits, and throughout both Western and Eastern literature and fables the fox appears repeatedly as a creature of great curiosity and mischief.