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When You Receive Bacn, You’ve Received What?

A Virus
A DCMA Notice
Extended Time Space Walking Can Cause Astronauts' What To Fall Off/Out?

Answer: Email

Your email inbox is most likely inundated with waves of emails falling into several distinct categories: email you want from people you directly communicate with, email you don’t want (SPAM) from people you don’t communicate with, and a sort of nebulous third wave composed of emails you want to receive but aren’t a high priority.

That last wave is the province of Bacn. Bacn is a term coined by participants at PodCamp Pittsburgh 2, a new media conference, in 2007 to refer to emails you have specifically subscribed to receive—such as coupons from retailers, notifications from services, social network alerts, etc.—but that you may not wish to read immediately. The group’s announcement included a slogan for the new term: Bacn is email you want — but not right now.

Image by cyclonebill/Wikimedia.