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What Was The World’s First Theme Park?

Disney Land
Coney Island
Luna Park
Santa Claus Land
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Answer: Santa Claus Land

In 1946, the doors opened on the world’s first theme park: Santa Claus Land located in Santa Claus, Indiana. Unlike previous amusement parks, Santa Claus Land wasn’t merely a collection of rides, curiosities, and amusements held together by a loose umbrella of entertainment.

The park was dedicated to all things Santa Claus and North Pole-related. The park, in other words, had a consistent and overarching theme. This one design decision set it apart from all previous amusement parks like the famed Coney Island, Luna Park, and White City.

The park is still in operation today, but is now known as Holiday World (since its debut in 1946, the park has expanded to include themed areas for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Fourth of July, and the new name reflects that).