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What Was The First Computer Generated TV Show?

Voltron: The Third Dimension
Beast Wars
Ben Franklin Wasn't Just A U.S. Founding Father, But The Founder Of Modern?
Cover of first volume of Insektors
Studio Fantome

Answer: Insektors

If you were a North American kid in the 1990s, there’s a strong chance that you guessed “ReBoot” as the answer to this question. While an early and popular CGI-rendered television show, ReBoot was beaten to the starting line by an award-winning French children’s television show, Insektors.

Produced in 1993 and aired in early 1994 in France, it was the world’s first completely computer rendered television show. The show centered on a conflict between two tribes of anthropomorphic insects. The series was critically acclaimed and went on to win a “Children and Young People” Emmy Award.

It was later released for British and North American audiences. Interestingly enough, North American viewers received the most authentic non-French version of the series as the North American release used the same scripts, dialogue, and names whereas the British version had a totally different script, jokes revised for British audiences, and new character and place names. Critics of the changes point out that it changed the tone of the series and diluted the quality and seriousness of the story presented.

Other notable shows that followed in the all-CGI footsteps of Insektors include ReBoot, Beast Wars, Voltron: The Third Dimension, Butt Ugly Martians, and Tripping the Rift. Aside from Tripping the Rift, a distinctly adult-themed CGI-rendered show, the realm of CGI television shows belongs to children’s programming.