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What Video Game Had The Longest Gap Between Its First Release And Sequel?

The Legend of Kage
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Answer: Legend of Kage

Most of the time we think of video game sequels in terms of years, not decades. Releases in the popular Legend of Zelda series from Nintendo, for example, come out, on average, every 1.5 years (and during the 2000s multiple releases in a single year weren’t uncommon).

Other video games series, whether through lack of public interest, premature shelving by their design company, or general bad luck, often languish in the company vaults for decades. The span between Outrun and Outrun 2, for example, was 17 years. A significantly more notorious example would be the lag time between the 1996 release of Duke Nukem 3D and Duke Nukem Forever in 2011. In that case fans had been promised a release was just around the corner for 13 long years–Duke Nukem Forever was announced in 1997.

That said, no game can hold a candle to the enormous amount of time that passed between The Legend of Kage and the Legend of Kage 2. The original Legend of Kage, a side-scrolling arcade game focused on the adventures of a young ninja named Kage, was released in 1985 and, over the next two years, ported to a variety of home computer and console systems. Although a popular title, it would lay waiting in the halls of video game history until resurrected in 2008 for the Nintendo DS with the release of The Legend of Kage 2–nearly a full 23 years after the original arcade release and 22 years since the game had appeared in the Nintendo lineup. For the sake of the die hard Legend of Kage fans, we can only hope the release was everything they had hoped for.