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What Version of Windows is Windows 7?

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Answer: 6.1

At first glance the obvious answer to “What version of Windows is Windows 7?” would be version 7.0. Except the name of Windows 7 has absolutely nothing to do with the version number and was selected as a marketing technique.

What then is the real version number of Windows 7? If you’re on a Windows 7 machine you can pull up the start menu and type “winver” to check the Windows version number. You’ll find the version number is 6.1 which is incrementally higher than the version number of Windows Vista (6.0).

So what’s the deal with such a tiny change in version number between two major OS releases? The principle reason is to increase compatibility between applications that reference the major Windows version number for compatibility checks. In this same fashion Windows XP and Windows 2000 are both 5.X releases to ensure cross-compatibility. By that same token, to increase compatibility with Windows 7, Windows 8 is version number 6.2.