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What Tune Was Used For The First Space To Mission Control Wakeup Call?

Come Fly With me
Going Back To Houston
Morning Has Broken
On Top Of The World
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Answer: Come Fly With Me

NASA has a long standing tradition of waking up Astronaut crews with a musical wakeup call broadcast from Mission Control in Houston, Texas. The tradition started with the Gemini program–the first program to feature extended orbital stays–and continues to this day with Astronauts aboard the International Space Station receiving a daily wakeup call.

Every once in awhile the space-bound crew turns the tables and instead broadcasts a wakeup call for Mission Control instead of waiting for Mission Control to broadcast to them. The first time this role reversal occurred was on 25 May 1969 when the crew of Apollo 10 beamed Frank Sinatra’s Come Fly With Me down to Earth.