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What Technology Company Was Almost Called “Syzygy”?

Sun Microsystems
The McCollough Effect Can Alter What Perception For Months After Exposure?

Answer: Atari

Before Atari, there was Syzygy Engineering–the engineering firm Atari founders Nolan Bushnell and Ted Dabney founded before Atari. Although the duo produced an early game¬†Computer Space¬†under the Syzygy banner, it wasn’t until they went to incorporate the company in 1972 they discovered (oddly enough) that the name Syzygy was already in use by a candle company and a roofing company.

In resubmitting their application for incorporation, they included a prioritized list of potential names, 1. Sente, 2. Atari, and 3. Hanne. Sente was taken, Atari was assigned to their new corporation, and the rest is history.