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What Subtle Message Do Mars Rover Curiosity’s Wheels Leave Behind?

(NASA) National Aeronautics and Space Administration
(JPL) Jet Propulsion Lab
(RDB) Ray Douglas Bradbury
(CES) Carl Edward Segan
Until 2011, Social Security Numbers Could Be Used To Determine A Person's?

Answer: (JPL) Jet Propulsion Lab

When NASA’s Curiosity rover rolls quietly across the Martian plains, it leaves behind a very subtle calling card that points back to its birthplace tens of millions of miles away.

The tread of the rover’s wheels are mostly a simple but effective zig-zag pattern but a small segment of each wheel tread is devoted to a series of cutouts. The pattern of the cutouts ” .-.. / .–. / .— ” spells out the initials of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory via Morse Code in reverse–LPJ. As the rover explores Mars it prints the letters in the proper order, JPL, leaving a subtle nod to its birthplace wherever it goes.