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What Oddly Anthropomorphic Thing Do Some Lizards Do To Avoid Predators?

Push Ups
Mining Companies Are Analyzing What Unusual Source To Find Gold?

Answer: Push Ups

The animal kingdom is filled with interesting behaviors and adaptations to help animals large and small avoid predators. Some creatures puff themselves up to appear larger, and others have evolved brightly colored patterns to signal their poisonous nature to would-be predators. Many species of lizards, however, have adapted an oddly anthropomorphic behavior to avoid predation: they do push ups.

Species such as the Sagebrush lizard use a bobbing push-up like motion to signal to predators that they are physically fit, and that it would be a hassle to chase them down for dinner. Some lizards, like Aneoles, even incorporate the push-up motion into their morning and evening rituals, advertising to both potential mates and predators that they are fast and strong.