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What Modern Use Have World War II-Era Swiss Bunkers Been Converted For?

Data Centers
Night Clubs
Mushroom Farms
This 1990s Television Show Ushered In The Era Of Sophisticated Title Sequences?

Answer: Data Centers

Deep beneath the mountainous terrain of Switzerland there are untold numbers of bunkers and fortified military installations built right into the bedrock of the country itself by armies of engineers during World War II and the subsequent tensions of the Cold War.

Many of these mountain fortresses have been converted to house not alarmed civilians and critical military personnel, but acre after acre of servers. For companies that demand data storage in a physical location that is naturally climate controlled, as secure as, well, a subterranean military bunker, and even capable of withstanding a nuclear strike, there’s nothing quite like the storage offered by Swiss companies, like Mount10, that have retrofitted the decommissioned bunkers to serve security-minded customers and companies around the world.