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What Is The Tallest Structure In The United States?

The Willis Tower
The Space Needle
The KVLY TV Mast
The Aon Center
The Prohibition-Era's Most Successful Enforcement Officers Made Many Of Their Arrests Posing As?

Answer: The KVLY TV Mast

When it comes to tallest structures in America, most people think of famous buildings like the Willis Tower in Chicago or the Empire State building in NYC. Those structures, in terms of buildings, are some of the tallest structures in the world. When it comes to sheer number of feet in the air a structure can be built, however, you can’t beat guyed masts–thin and tall steel towers supported by well anchored steel cables.

The top thirty tallest structures in America are all broadcast towers and the tallest of them all is the KVLY TV mast in Blanchard, North Dakota. Completed in 1963 the tower rises 2,063 feet into the air and is supported by enormous cables. The cables extend so far from the base of the structure that the total footprint of the mast is 160 acres. The tower broadcasts at 356 kW and has a broadcast radius of 55 miles.