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What Is The Most Widely Released Graphic Adventure Video Game Of All Time?

Maniac Mansion
King's Quest
What Medicine Is Radically More Effective When Produced In Zero Gravity?

Answer: Myst

Early 1990s point-and-click graphical adventure Myst was a smash hit with both serious and casual gamers the world over. Players took on the role of The Stranger, a visitor to an atmospheric and mysterious island known only as Myst. The game eschewed the quick pace of action games for a point-and-click interface that carried players through the beautifully rendered island and all its mysterious pockets and puzzles.

Originally released for Mac OS in 1993, it was quickly ported for Windows computers. Myst’s success as a computer-based game drove a series of porting efforts, ultimately bringing the game to 12 different platforms including the PlayStation (as well as the PlayStation Portable and PlayStation 3), 3DO, Sega Saturn, Nintendo DS, and iOS.

Riven and Myst III: Exile, the two immediate sequels to Myst and part of the six game stable that makes up the Myst universe, were also widely ported and can be found on Windows, Mac OS, and various gaming platforms.