Geek Trivia

What Is The Most Popular Cellphone In The World?

The Ericsson K300
The Motorola C200
The Apple iPhone
The Nokia 1100
The Country With The Most Diverse Variety Of Breads Is?

Answer: The Nokia 1100

Hands down, the Nokia 1100 is the most ubiquitous cellphone in the world. Since its introduction in 2003, Nokia has sold over one billion of the palm size candy-bar style phones. From the streets of India to Nigeria to Chile, the inexpensive, durable, and dependable cellphone has brought phone service to hundreds of millions of users.

The phone wasn’t anything to run a cover story about in 2003 and at this point it’s about as dated as cellphones come, but cutting-edge technology isn’t the reason it flies off the shelves. The phone is a near perfect match for users in developing countries. It has a terrific battery life (and can be easily charged from a variety of sources like hand cranks and bike-powered dynamos), a membrane keypad that is dust and water resistant, a rubberized body that is light and easy to keep a grip, and a simple to activate flashlight. In addition the embedded software doesn’t need updating or any sort of fancy routine maintenance like modern smart phones.

Most of the world needed a nearly indestructible phone and Nokia delivered; as such the majority of phones ringing around the world as you read this bit of trivia are playing the default Nokia ringtone.