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What Is The Most Expensive Piece of Sci-Fi Memorabilia Sold At Auction?

A Star Wars T.I.E Fighter Model
Dr. Who's Tardis
A Starship Enterprise Model
A Full Size Terminator Model
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A Starship Enterprise Model

When it comes to movie memorabilia auctions there is no shortage of people with money who want to own a piece of movie history. Although the most expensive bits of movie memorabilia come from more mainstream films–the most expensive movie prop sold at auction was James Bond’s Auston Martin from the movie Goldfinger which sold for a whopping 4.1 million dollars in 2010–there are Sci-Fi fans out there with deep pockets.

The most expensive Sci-Fi movie prop ever auctioned off was a miniature model of the Starship Enterprise-D. The model was used for the show Star Trek: The Next Generation and for the Star Trek Generations movie. It fetched $576,000 at a 2006 Christie’s auction. Auctioneers had originally estimated that the prop would command around $30,000.

Other notably pricey Sci-Fi props include a model of a Star Wars T.I.E fighter from the 1977 Star War’s film Episode IV: A New Hope. It fetched $402,500 in a 2008 auction, beating out the previous Star War’s related record of $240,000 for Luke Skywalker’s light saber. The appeal of Star Wars movie gear extends even beyond the props, a Panavision R-200 camera, used personally by George Lucas during the filming of Episode IV, sold at auction for $625,000.

Although Star Wars and Star Trek, with their cult followings and large fan bases, top the charts for most expensive Sci-Fi gear sold at auction, other Sci-Fi films still get plenty of love. A full scale model of T-800 (the skeletal metal terminator seen at the beginning of Terminator 2: Judgement Day) sold at auction for $488,750–we’re sure the light-up-action of the iconic red eye and solid metal construction was what sealed the deal.