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What Is The Fastest Selling Consumer Electronic Device Of All Time?

Nintendo DS
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Answer: Kinect

Although the Kinect can’t claim the title of absolute best selling consumer electronic device of all time, it was the fastest to fly off the shelves after initial release. The Nintendo DS, for example, has been purchased nearly 150 million times but it had a relatively slow adoption rate.

Released in November of 2010, Kinect sales averaged a staggering 133,333 units per day for the first three months it was on the market. After two quarters of brisk sales Microsoft had shipped over 10,000,000 Kinect units.

Other notable best selling electronic devices–unit number is the per-day average for the first 90 days–include the iPhone 4 (120,000 units), the Wii (85,000 units), and the iPad (50,000 units).