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What Is The Best Selling Unbundled Video Game Of All Time?

Sonic The Hedgehog
Mario Kart Wii
Gran Turismo
Halo 2
The Bird With The Largest Egg To Body Size Ratio Is The?

Answer: Mario Kart Wii

When it comes to video game “sales” nothing helps a game sales rank more than being bundled with a popular console. Tetris, by default of being bundled with the Nintendo Gameboy for years, has enjoyed sales reaching past 35 million units. By the same token Wii Sports, bundled with the Nintendo Wii, has moved over 76 million units.

Outside of bundled sales, however, is where you really see what consumers love. Lots of people who wanted a Wii, for example, may never have bought Wii Sports with their own hard earned money if it hadn’t come packaged with the Wii. So, once we strip away the bundled games, what do we find? We find ourselves with an award stage loaded with Nintendo hits.

The best selling unbundled game of all time is Mario Kart Wii with 31.91 million sales. Following behind is Wii Sports Resort with with 29.87 million sales. Wii Play takes home the bronze with a total of 27.38 million sales. Nintendo is clearly doing something right with their delivery and marketing of the Wii and Wii games as their top 10 non-bundled games have netted a total of 176 million sales.

For the sake of comparison, the best selling unbundled games for other current gen consoles include Call of Duty: Black Ops (Xbox 360, 12 million units) and Grand Turismo 5 (PlayStation 3, 7.43 million units).