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What Is A Word That Belongs In The Dictionary But Isn’t?

A Cutling
A Dictiwana
A Sniglet
An Argot
The Longest Running Scientific Experiment Centers Around What?

Answer: A Sniglet

Sniglets are, per comedian Rich Hall, “Any word that doesn’t appear in the dictionary, but should”–such as “Requestion”: when someone phrases a request as a question, as in “Would you mind handing me that box of 00 buckshot? The zombies appear to have breached the perimeter.”

Hall popularized the neologism while hosting the 1980s comedy series Not Necessarily the News. The sniglet segment of each broadcast originally featured Hall’s own sniglets but was quickly populated by thousands of submissions from fans across the country. These submissions were used both on the show and compiled into books and calendars. Some examples include:

MONKEY THUMP (munk e thump) n. A bruise on a banana.
RECOINNOITER (re coin oi tur) v. To check for change in coin return slots.
SNUGGAGE (snug ij) n. Personal belongings stuffed under the airline seat in front of your or in the overhead compartment.