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What Famous Computer Was Announced On Valentine’s Day?

The Cray-1
Deep Blue
The Most Watched TV Series Finale In U.S. History Was For?

Answer: ENIAC

ENIAC, or the Electronic Numerical Integrator And Computer, was the first general-purpose electronic computer. Although costly, bulky, and arduous to program, programmable it was and the ENIAC platform was enormously valuable to the military and scientific communities.

Although design started on the machine in 1943, the final product wasn’t unveiled to the public until February 14, 1946 where it was regarded by the press and public as a giant brain and a wonder of design.

ENIAC would prove highly influential in military development and operations where it was used to calculate artillery firing tables and, more famously, to crunch numbers for the Manhattan Project. The first calculations run on the machine were for the hydrogen bomb and the total input/output of the operation consisted of a staggering one million punch cards.