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What Does A Hemipterologist Collect?

The Bird With The Shortest Migration Route Is The?
Tortoise Beetles in a collection, pinned to a display board.
Joe Mabel/Wikimedia

Answer: Insects

If it’s rare, interesting, or collectible, you can bet there’s a group out there collecting it. Coins, stamps, baseball cards, 18th-century tobacco products, etc.—if there’s a pool of something to collect from, there’s someone interested in assembling and organizing a collection.

Along with all the terms that come with the hobby and collections themselves, there are terms for the people who do the actual collecting. Philatelists collect stamps, vexillophiles collect flags, philographists collect autographs, and so on.

How about bug collectors? While entomologists are people who study bugs, studying doesn’t necessarily mean collecting them. Although many of the people who maintain insect collections are passionate about studying the creatures they collect, the very act of collecting and cataloging them puts them in a whole new category: hemipterologists.

Too squeamish around bugs to collect them? You could always take up a collection with less of an ick-factor, like postcards, and join the ranks of deltiologists the world over.