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What Do More Than Half Of Cellphone Users Experience?

Excessive Radiation Exposure
Phantom Ringing
Mobile Viruses
Texting-Related Injuries
Which Of These Astronomical Phenomenon Is Unique To Earth In Our Solar System?

Answer: Phantom Ringing

Over half of regular cellphone users report either hearing their cellphone’s ringtone or feeling the vibration of their cellphone’s vibratory alert when there is, in fact, no incoming communication. In a study specifically focused on the latter, phantom vibrations, 13% reported experiencing vibrations when there was no stimulus from the phone at least once per day.

The principal culprit in both the ringing and vibratory hallucinations seems to be the hypervigilance of the human brain in detecting patterns in our environments. Because we know the sound/feel of our devices alerting us of something, our brains are primed to respond to any stimulus that sounds or feels remotely like the alert on our phone.