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What Do Dolphins Use Like A Recreational Drug?

Jelly Fish
Sea Anemones
Puffer Fish
The Existence Of Which Of These Star Types Is Only, At Present, Hypothetical?

Answer: Puffer Fish

Just like land mammals will eat fermented fruit to get at the alcohol inside, dolphins–clever aquatic mammals–will also work to get at the mind altering elements in their environment. Dolphins have discovered, and shown each other, how to milk toxic puffer fish by gently squeezing them in their mouths but not eating them. After milking the puffer fish in this fashion, the dolphin will pass it to a nearby member of their pod.

By only consuming a little of the powerful toxin instead of ingesting the whole fish, the dolphins enter a relaxed state induced by the narcotic-like toxin. Dolphins in this state have been observed to swim close to the surface, gazing at their reflections and to swim on their sides, appearing to drive lazily along in the ocean currents.

Image courtesy of BBC One.