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What Did You Have To Defeat In The Super Secret Level Of Nintendo’s Hit Star Fox?

The Death Star
A Giant SEGA Genesis
A Slot Machine
Mega Man
The Probability of Death Is Measured In What Units?

Answer: A Slot Machine

In the hit Super Nintendo game Star Fox, there was a super secret level that required shooting an asteroid, flying through a space bird, and ending up in a bizarro land pocket of space where you had to face off against a slot machine, the automated gambling machine found in casinos across the world. Using the blasters on your space craft, you had to pelt the arm of the slot machine, “pulling” the lever over and over again until you eventually rack up three 7s in a row (other combinations give you nothing at best or, at worst, cause the machine to shoot missiles at you).

What do you get when you eventually beat the machine? You unlock a mini game where you can shoot at floating letters and make them spell “The End”. Upon successfully lining them up, they reset and you have to do it all over again, making the mini game found in the depths of the black hole behind the bizarre slot machine truly a game that never ends.

Image courtesy of Nintendo.