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What Did The Inventor Of The Pet Rock Later Try To Sell Americans Bit By Bit?

The Moon
The Taj Mahal
Mt. Rushmore
After Exposure To Factory Waste, French Bees Were Found Producing What?

Answer: China

In 1975, Californian advertising executive Gary Dahl hit it big when his goofy novelty gift, The Pet Rock, became a huge fad. Millions of the little rocks accompanied by instruction books flew off the shelf at $4 a pop.

Three years later, Dahl attempted to capitalize on the popularity of his previous foray into the novelty gift market by selling “Red China Dirt”: single cubic centimeters of Chinese soil encased in tiny acrylic cubes. The gag revolved around the absurd attempt to steal China from the Chinese a thimbleful at a time. Red China Dirt was a flop and failed to gain even a fraction of the popularity that lifted The Pet Rock to success.